Thanks in advance for taking the time to read through this, I know its a lot, but there is a lot of information I want to share. As you know, I am looking for 10 women 21+  to represent my boudoir “brand” alice heart glamour & boudoir and act as an advocate for women's empowerment and body positivity. Because you would be a representative for my company, I will have to carefully consider who I choose to bring on board as a “brand ambassador.” Please read through this and apply for final consideration. I am excited!


In return for being an ambassador, you will receive a variety of perks, such as but not limited to:

  • (1) Complementary 90 minute boudoir session with professional hair & makeup for 2019.  

  • The ability to earn money/ credit from referrals to purchase images, products, and sessions.

  • Promotional modeling for new session ideas, promo videos, and muse related modeling.

  • Behind the scenes sessions & interview videos.

  • Fun empowering events & group location shootouts/ sessions.

  • Meet and greet mixer events/ outings with contests & prizes.

  • First to receive discounted session offers that may also be shared with friends.

  • Private session sales link to keep track of referral points & sale rewards.

  • (Possibly promo t-shirts.)

  • Being part of an uplifting and loving community!


Frequent post, tags, shares, sale posts, and empowering posts. Weekly posts/ comments in the Facebook group and on Instagram. As well as leaving reviews about how you session made you feel and why you wanted to do one. I also want to write a few blogs about your journeys including images on the website. I will also add you all to a mutual ambassador only Facebook group page when I can share details and give you all the opportunity to share experiences, photos, and chat.

Help me create brand awareness by representing the brand with a highly-engaged group, throughout all your social network platforms (Facebook, Instagram, email, Twitter) and reach a variety of potential clients. While promoting the acceptance of sexuality and self love.

Talk about the brand and influence friends, family, and acquaintances to experience a session for themselves. Passionately articulate your reason for boudoir, intimately familiar with the brand and services. Also making deep connections with other businesses…

I also want you to be able to give me feedback on what I should do to make a better experience (more inviting and encompassing.)

Get girls to join the ever expanding Facebook group as well as creating a buzz in that group (posting frequently and commenting on things..) To help analytics push it to the top of everyone's timeline…


You earn credits & cash by inspiring and educating potential clients/ friends through your own experience to book a session with me. The value is based upon what you “sell” for instance. If you get them to book a higher end collection at full price, you’ll earn $200.00  in credits or $100.00 in cash. But if they book a discounted/ sale session then you would earn $100.00 in credits or $50.00 is cash. (This includes al la carte sessions.)

What great is that I will offer your referrals $100.00 off their session or $150.00 in credits when they book with me using your name! (This is only true for non promotional sessions.)

The girl with the “top sales” at the end of each month with get bonus credits to put towards their session images or products. In addition, the “most active” girl on social media, will also receive something amazing!


I am really laid back and easy going, so I will take them through both email and Instagram. Because I had some many people reach out to me to become an ambassador. I would like for you to apply with an attached photo and your reason why you think I should choose you to be the “face of my brand.” (This application process does not apply to you if you’ve already booked a session with me in the past.)

Note: There will be a $150.00 session fee to weed out the non-serious candidates, it will not be refunded, but may be earned back. It also pays for your hair & makeup. In addition, you will have an in person reveal to select you images, you will have 6 months after the session to select your images and pay for them using your earned credits but also have the option to pay with cash. Lastly I require a full model release from ALL ambassadors.

Email: boudoir@aliceheartphotography.com

Be sure to join the group while you wait for the acceptance letter: