Miss C -


"Last month I came across a wonderful idea, and so I decided to run a model call. The model call was not only to share awareness about what I do, but also to find some amazing women who's stories and reasons to do a session really resonated with me.

I was looking to add some new faces to the brand as it evolved into a new style, so I gave a handful of wonderful souls the chance to experience a session and show them how beautiful and sexy they truly are. When I asked them for their why... The response was more than I could have imagined!"

- Jarrett

"Back in high school I had very low confidence, was about 200 pounds and could not look at myself, let alone take a picture and be happy with it. After I graduated I switched lifestyles and am now 60 lbs lighter and working towards loving myself everyday.

Going into my first shoot I was very hesitant, not knowing if I would like any of them, but when the pictures were done and I looked through them, I seriously almost cried because I couldn’t believe that I found myself beautiful for the first time. So doing things like this helps me send a message to other girls going through the same thing, and I have so much respect for photographers like you giving girls like me a voice, and confidence.

I would be honored to model for you, and I love your story!"

- Miss C