Miss A -


I can’t begin to explain how amazing my session with Jarrett went!! I was extremely hesitant at the beginning for several reasons which I feel many of you reading this review are circling around the same hesitations.

1. I didn’t feel like I was in shape enough, I wish my thighs were smaller and my stomach was flatter....so on and so forth.
2. The sticker shock of the price 
3. I’m shy, awkward in front of the camera and not photogenic.
4. It’s a guy...is that going to be weird...will I be uncomfortable

Detroit Boudoir Photographer

I danced around all these questions/concerns/fears for quite a while before I finally pulled the trigger and let me tell you I am SO glad I did!

Plymouth Boudoir Photographer

From the very beginning Jarrett was wonderful at communication and helping you understand the process of what to expect now that you have booked your session. I showed up on the day of my shoot to the studio in Plymouth shaking in my boots with nerves. While I was getting hair and make up done we made small talking getting to know one another and let me just say Jarrett is an awesome person. Very down to earth and easy to talk to. Once hair and make up was done we picked out my outfits and he had me change into the first outfit. As I walked out I felt very weird as I have not been in front of another man in lingerie besides my fiancé for the last five years. I’m not going to lie the first 10 minutes were an odd feeling I kept thinking “oh man that did I get myself into. I can’t do this.” After those first 10 minutes I began to feel WAY more comfortable and confident with the help and direction from Jarrett.

He was kind, encouraging and extremely professional. I never once felt uncomfortable or felt that he crossed a line of any sort. He was VERY respectful. By the end of the shoot I was so comfortable I found myself making small talk and laughing with Jarrett like old buddies just chilling in my lingerie. He is creative with his photos and can make just about anything work. Once we finished up, I asked how long should I expect to wait until I get the proofs. He said roughly 1-2 weeks. I received all my photos back in 2 days!!! I couldn’t believe the person I was looking at in those photos were me! I felt so confident, sexy, strong, and powerful. I saw myself in a whole new light. He has a way of highlighting and showcasing what you have always had just never noticed it before.

I can’t stop looking at my photos he sent. It was next to impossible for me to pick just 12 images that was included in my package for my album. The album is going to be a wedding gift for my fiancé to open before he sees my walk down the isle. I CANNOT wait for him to see these images Jarrett was able to capture. After the whole experience was said and done and pictures viewed I would spend the money all over again in a heart beat. Completely worth every penny! I plan on booking another session in the future with him!! Do yourself a favor and book a session with Jarrett, I PROMISE you will NOT regret your decision!!