Miss W -


I am OBSESSED with how my boudoir photos turned out - and had the most AMAZING time during my session!

I have considered shooting boudoir for years, but kept finding reasons not to. Most of the women I know who have done boudoir did it as a gift for their husband/significant other, and I always loved that idea. But I am not engaged or married, so I knew I would be taking the photos for myself (all my single ladies). So for years, I kept pushing it off (thinking that I didn’t have a good enough reason to do it, or because I didn’t feel “ready” to get in front of a camera just yet). But the second Jarrett and I spoke about options and what to expect, I realized that I didn’t “need” a reason to shoot boudoir. The reality was: I had no reason NOT to do it!

So, I booked a session and just before Christmas, as a Christmas gift to myself - and it has honestly been the gift that keeps on giving! I never could have imagined how fun, empowering, and beautiful I felt during and after my shoot. I feel cheesy saying that this experience elevated my confidence, but it really did! Jarrett was incredibly professional and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. I have always been impressed with Jarrett’s photography skills, but was also very impressed with his directing skills during the shoot. He did a great job finding the most flattering and interesting angles for my body type, as well as making me feel daring enough to take photos that I never pictured myself taking. The photos turned out amazing! I still can’t wrap my head around how he was able to manipulate the lighting in the studio to come up with some many unique looks. Absolutely stunning!

This experience was honestly one of the most fun and rewarding things that I have ever done (let alone something that I did just for myself). I walked away with a more positive, healthy perspective of who I am, and felt 100 x more comfortable in my own skin. If I could shoot boudoir every year for the rest of my life, as a little reminder to stay true to myself, I would! Plus, it was super fun getting to play dress-up as an adult, just because I wanted to :)

If you are considering shooting boudoir with Jarrett, do it! And if you have done it already, I say, do it again!!!

- Miss W